It is our pleasure to introduce our new vision for our company. We will now be called FOREVER, dropping 21. We would like to acknowledge all ages and not limit our costumers to only teens and young adults. As we look forward to growing in the future we wish to create a strong sense of community within our brand. We now are featuring families, showing all ages, races, and genders. The photography we want to use is of families; we want YOU to be the new face of FOREVER. 

We completely stripped down our identity and re evaluated who we are, taking what we learned from that we formed the shapes of our logo. Not only does each shape symbolize a part of who we are, but is reflected through the chosen color, as well as recognizing where we started by forming an abstract 1984 showing tribute to our roots. With the new re-brand we created ways to set ourselves a part from our competitors, we want to involved our customers as much as possible, they are the heart of our company!