I am a graduate from Bowling Green State University with my Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. I am so passionate about design and the fact that as a designer there is always something new to learn. Through my senior at BGSU I quickly realized I work out design problems using shapes and the subtle meaning behind shapes, as well as colors to make the design more powerful. 

I took part in a business competition called “The Hatch,” which is a spin off of the popular TV show shark tank. I pitched my business Comfort Covers, which is seen in my portfolio; to a group of investors, 1,000 people in the audience, and it was also streamed worldwide. Comfort Covers not only won the “Eggy” (people’s choice award) during The Hatch but Comfort Covers was also featured in the Bachelor of Fine Arts show for my senior thesis. Through the interested businessmen, and my investor I am working with I have dedicated my free time to make Comfort Covers real. I am passionate about using the power of design to create not only meaningful work, but work that can make a difference in someone’s life. 

Currently I am working as a graphic designer for The University of Toledo, as well as pursuing my dream to start my business venture, Comfort Covers.